Palin: I Call Republicans Against Trump What They Are: ‘RAT’

Friday at the Western Conservative Summit 2016 in Denver, CO, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK), the 2008 GOP vice-preisidential nominee, defended presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump by saying Republicans against Trump are RATs.

Palin said, “Well darn right voters are mad. It’s righteous indignation. But what the professional political class really can’t handle is knowing that the movement is more than anger. It’s an optimistic, sensible building up the people agenda and that is good change, but to them it’s a threat. You know those threatened GOP’ers who insist that they will never vote for their party’s choice this time? They call themselves — that game — never hashtag —well I just call them Republicans Against Trump, or RAT for short. They want to take their Nuggets ball home and stay home instead of vote because their guy didn’t win this time around. Now I shouldn’t call them thumb suckers because they are not all bad. I’m kidding, they are. And Hillary thanks them because she cannot win without them.”

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