‘Never Trump’ Leader Kristol: Rename Breitbart ‘Right-Wing Intolerant Mean-Spirited News’

Wednesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol reacted to the news the that Stephen K. Bannon, the executive chairman of Breitbart News has become the Trump campaign’s CEO by criticizing Breitbart News.

Kristol told “Morning Joe” a more appropriate moniker for Breitbart News would be “right-wing intolerant mean-spirited news.”

“I knew Andrew well and he was a troublemaker, but he was a good hearted person who would not have – I mean, I hate the fact that it’s called Breitbart News. If they change the name and call it you know, right-wing intolerant mean-spirited news, that would be fine … That wasn’t Andrew. First of all, It’s unfortunate we’re sitting around talking about Breitbart. It’s a disservice to Andrew’s memory. But second, Mr. Bannon has run his website and successful from a business point of view. But someone should go look at all the things they have said. I mean, we were talking about ‘renegade’ earlier. I think it’s appropriate to joke about it. I embrace it. But that wasn’t really what Breitbart said about me three months ago. It was ‘renegade Jew.’ And a lot of people – I’m not a big, you know, ‘Oh, it’s terrible anti-Semitism’ kind of guy, but that’s a little creepy. And the charges – why was I a ‘renegade Jew?’ Because I didn’t support Donald Trump.”

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