Kristol: ‘People Are Kidding Themselves If They Don’t See That Today Was A Good Day For Trump’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Last Word with Lawrence O’Donnell,” Weekly Standard Editor Bill Kristol stated that “people are kidding themselves if they don’t see that today was a good day for Trump.”

Kristol said, “[I]f you step back from the trees and look at the forest, today was a very good day for Donald Trump. I say this as someone who very much hopes Donald Trump does not become president of the United States. But I just think objectively, analytically, what’s the big problem with Trump? People think he’s not — he doesn’t have the character, temperament, fitness to be president. And there he was today standing next to the president of Mexico, a country that he has insulted, the administration of Mexico, that he’s insulted, as was pointed out. He seemed — you know, it’s awkward, a little awkward. You can — we can parse what he said, and did he raise this or that. At the end of the day, it was not embarrassing. He comported himself fine. It’s a low bar for Donald Trump, but he’s done a good job of, in a way lowering the bar for himself. And honestly, the media, especially the liberal media have so lowered the bar, they treat him with such contempt, that in a sense now — I think if you’re an average swing voter, one of the 10%, 15% who are out there, as I say, you don’t really like Hillary Clinton much, you kind of like change, but boy, you’re put off by a lot that Trump has done, but you’d kind of like to persuade yourself that maybe he’s not as bad as you thought. I think — someone like me keeps saying, you can’t have Trump as president. He can’t be commander-in-chief. He can’t conduct the foreign policy of the United States, and there he is with the president of Mexico, no disaster, apparently. You know, that’s — I think that picture of him with the president of Mexico helps him a lot. I don’t know that it gets him even in the race with Hillary Clinton or anything like that, but I think people are kidding themselves if they don’t see that today was a good day for Trump.”

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