Bill Maher: ‘Gary Johnson Is a F*cking Idiot’

Friday on HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher attacked Libertarian presidential nominee Gary Johnson.

Maher questioned Johnson’s polling success with 18-34 millennials and added that he was a “fucking idiot.”

“You’re a millennial and one with stamina,” Maher said to Sarah Silverman. “Let me read the polls here on Clinton, 18-34 people, Clinton 31 percent, Trump 26 [percent], Gary Johnson 29 percent. Gary Johnson. Gary Johnson is a fucking idiot.”

“I like him and he’s a nice guy, but he’s another in my basket of fucking idiots,” he continued. “[W]e thought he was a cool guy. You know, he smokes pot. He’s not making pot look good.”

Maher proceeded to play clips of Johnson’s missteps including not knowing what Aleppo was and his inability to name a world leader he admired.

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