Sheryl Crow: ‘I’m Embarrassed,’ I Don’t Let My Kids Watch TV When Trump Is On

Monday on ABC’s “The View,” musician and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton supporter Sheryl Crow said she doesn’t let her children watch Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump on television because she is “embarrassed.”

Crow said, “I did travel with Mrs. Clinton. I went to Bosnia. She has done a lot of work for, like, 30 years for women and children. And I don’t care—you know, I saw what happened with President Obama. It made me sick. I think he brought out some real bigotry in the country by virtue of the fact that he was the first black president. I’m just speaking my mind here. I’m seeing it with the first female president and it sickens me. As far as Trump is concerned, I met him on the set of “Studio 54.” It was a movie, and he was being who he is, which is Donald Trump, you know. He was making his appearance. That’s me and Cindy Crawford. I’m trying to look as tall as she is. But that’s the only time I’ve ever met him. But you know, I’m embarrassed. My kids, I don’t want to go too far into it but I don’t let my kids watch TV when he’s on. It’s just—I want to be able to say to my kids, being the president of the United States is the most honorable position and it needs to go back to that and we need to change the dialogue.”

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