Neera Tanden: ‘I’m Not Not Owning’ and ‘Not Owning’ Email Where I Said Clinton’s Inability to Apologize A ‘Character Problem’

On Thursday’s broadcast of CNN’s “New Day,” Clinton-Kaine transition project co-chair and Center for American Progress President Neera Tanden stated, “I’m not not owning it. I’m not owning it.” When asked about one of her emails released by WikiLeaks where she expressed frustration over Clinton’s inability to show remorse, which Tanden classified as something that was becoming “character problem.”

After she was asked about the email, Tanden responded that the Russians wanted people to have this debate and she wasn’t going to engage in one, Anchor Chris Cuomo countered, “Neera, if this email were from Kellyanne Conway to Dave Bossie, you would be giving me all your deepest thoughts about it right now. You don’t like it, because it’s your email. You’re ducking it, you’re not having high ground here.”

Tanden maintained that she wouldn’t discussed emails from the Trump campaign that were released in a similar fashion, and that she has done so in other areas. Cuomo responded, “Well, when his taxes came out, the Clinton campaign couldn’t stop talking about them, right? Those were leaked.”

Tanden responded that the emails weren’t leaked, they were stolen.

After a discussion over whether the emails were stolen or leaked, Cuomo said, “[Y]our emails are what they are. Now, if you say, I never said this, that’s something different. If you say, this isn’t me, I didn’t write that, then that’s a legitimate basis. But otherwise, it just seems like you’re ducking it because you don’t want to own what you said.”

Tanden responded, “I’m not not owning it. I’m not owning it. I’m saying that we shouldn’t really be dealing with people’s private emails.”

(h/t GOP War Room)

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