FS1’s Whitlock: Kaepernick, Other Athletes Should Take a Knee Until We Kick Our N-Word ‘Addiction’

In a Fox Sports 1 online promo for “Speak for Yourself,” co-host Jason Whitlock discussed the usage of the “n-word” after Jacksonville Jaguars wide receiver Marqise Lee admitted to being flagged for using it in a game Sunday with the Oakland Raiders.

According to Whitlock, athletes should take knee until the “addiction” with using the “n-word” has been “kicked” because the term is not a term of endearment among people of any color, but rather an “expression of self-hate and inferiority.”

“The ‘n-word’ was created so white people and black people saw human beings of African descent as less than human. When a black man was lynched during slavery and Jim Crow, often the last thing he heard was the ‘n-word.’ When a black man is gunned down in the streets by another black man, often times the last thing he hears is ‘n****,'” he says.

Later, Whitlock adds, “As Marqise Lee proved on Sunday, the ‘n-word’ is said far more in anger than in affection. ‘N****’ is not a term of endearment — it’s a term of mental enslavement. It’s an expression of self-hate and inferiority. It’s the addictive word at the foundation of white supremacy. I wish Colin Kaepernick and other pro athletes took a knee until we kicked our ‘n****’ addiction.

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