Krauthammer: Clinton ‘Lost the Recount’ in the ‘Comey Primary’

On Monday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Special Report,” columnist Charles Krauthammer stated that there has been a recount in “the Comey primary” and Democratic presidential nominee former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “lost the recount.”

Krauthammer said, “The rank hypocrisy of the two sides is simply staggering. And I don’t think it’s ever been shown in such relief. Six weeks ago or so, he’s [FBI Director James Comey] a great man, and now he’s a villain, simply, because he came out on the other side.”

He continued, “Remember, for a year we had been saying the most important event for Hillary was the Comey primary. And she won the Comey primary. But what we didn’t know is that there was a recount, and she lost the recount. And as a result of that, we are in a position where we have no idea what the underlying offense is, might be, or even how probable it is that there is any offense in the email. … I think the real problem is, regardless of what’s in these emails, the recount, the fact he’s re-opened the issue, has not only re-opened the investigation, but re-opened all of the elements surrounding the email, and the history of her corruption, and the stories that we’re getting now from the Wall Street Journal and others about the infighting over looking into her foundation, the infighting in the FBI.”

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