Howard Dean Compares Trump Election to Kent State Shootings, Selma AL’s ‘Bloody Sunday’

Wednesday on SiriusXM radio’s Urban View channel with host Joe Madison, former Vermont Governor and DNC Chair Howard Dean compared the outrage of young protestors over President-elect Donald Trump’s victory to the Kent State shootings in 1970 when the Ohio National Guard killed four students or the Edmund Pettus Bridge, which was the site of  Bloody Sunday in 1965, when policemen beat civil rights demonstrators.

Dean said, “This young generation, which I think is absolutely great, is used to doing everything on the Internet. They don’t really like institutions, they don’t need institutions. If they want a change, they go on the Internet, find half million people who agree with them, they insist on the change and they usually get it. So I really think this election, they’re so disheartened, so down and so tired and discouraged, this may be their Kent State or their Edmund Pettus Bridge, where you finally realize that you’ve got to do something.”

“That you can’t — the path as Martin Luther King said, ‘the arc of the universe is long, but it bends toward justice,'” he continued. “Well it only bends toward justice if you make it bend toward justice. And so we’ve got to reach out to these folks. They have voted Democrat for three elections in a row, two for Barack Obama and one for Hillary Clinton, heavily. That usually means that it’s what you are going to do for life. But they don’t consider themselves Democrats, because after all, the Democratic Party and the Republican Party are institutions, and they don’t particularly have an interest in institutions. Well, now they’ve learned the hard way that institutions matter and I’m hoping very much that will be the call that gets this generation into politics and changes everything.”

(h/t CNN)

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