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Olbermann Meltdown — Says Trump-Supporting ‘Populists’ Are ‘White Supremacists,’ Cries Fascism


In the newest edition of his online video commentaries for GQ magazine, former MSNBC host Keith Olbermann lambasted President-elect Donald Trump and the presidential election outcome from a week ago.

During the six-minute video, Olbermann declared the country must “resist” because Trump was not his president, nor based on the popular vote outcome was he America’s president either.

Olbermann dismissed those suggesting that Trump be given a chance, arguing that he had already blown that chance and added that suggesting as much was the equivalent of saying “give fascism a chance.”

“We do not have time for the White House edition of ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ starring President-elect Pussy Grabber,” Olbermann said. “Give him a chance because we’re all supposed to pretend this is a normal man and that was a normal election because we’re all supposed to forget that the Russians interfered with the election and the involvement of the FBI at minimum affected the outcome. Because we’re all going to follow The Washington Post and call them populists instead of white supremacists – even though they are white supremacists. Give him a chance – all we are saying is give fascism a chance. Who knows, it might not be as bad as we think. It might not be a bottomless pit.”

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