Stephen A to Pro Athletes Abusing Weed: Submit to League Rules or Be Unemployed

Thursday, ESPN “First Take” co-host Stephen A. Smith addressed professional athletes who use marijuana despite its usage being against league rules, telling them to submit to league rules or else be unemployed.

According to Smith, the athlete who uses marijuana is either selfish or an addict, both of which he said should not be allowed in the league.

“[W]eed is no laughing matter — not in the NFL, not in the NBA, not in any professional sports league where engaging in such recreational activity will undoubtedly diminish the cash you worked all your life to earn,” Smith said. “While there are many folks out there bloviating about the hypocrisy of sports leagues and how marijuana shouldn’t even be tested for, perhaps it’s time folks address this. Since everyone knows that the NFL prohibits such things and will take your money, what exactly does it say about you, the modern day athlete, if you do it anyway? Are you selfish or are you an addict? And if either applies, why should you even be able to stay in the league at all under such circumstances?”

“Big boy rules, if nothing else, specifically states, ‘You put your pants on and submit yourself to the rules and regulations governing the sport you chose to participate in.’ No one forced you to do it. And if that is not enough of an explanation for you, how about this simple one, pertaining to the golden rules of life,’Those who have the gold, make the rules.’ If you can’t deal with that, do us all a favor, just go out there and be unemployed,” he concluded.

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