Mom Outraged Over Video Showing Four-Year-Old Son Forced to Kiss Boy at Daycare

An Oklahoma mother is not happy after seeing video of her four-year-old son being forced to kiss another boy at daycare, says a KFOR report.

Dominique Green was sent video of the alleged incident that happened a few months ago at her son’s school, Little Angels Daycare.

She says her friend sent her a video that was posted to the social media app Snapchat by one of the daycare employees.

“She told me, ‘You know, I don’t know if you’re going to like this video. You know, it’s really bad,’” Green told KFOR.

In the short video clip, the kids are seen spinning a bottle with a caption indicating the kids are playing “spin the bottle.”

Moments later, another clip was uploaded of Green’s son seen kissing a young boy and the caption saying they were being forced to kiss.

Green says she immediately called the daycare’s owner, who she says told her she did not see anything wrong.

After being reported to the Department of Human Services, it was determined as inappropriate discipline.

One of the daycare employees is no longer employed, while another had to go through training.

Green’s son is now undergoing counseling.

“It’s sick, and I don’t see anything funny about the video. It’s sickening for a mother to watch that, and I just sit back and don’t say anything about it?” Green said.

Managers at Little Angels say the kids were not playing “spin the bottle,” and that kissing and hugging is common among young children.

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