‘Bikers for Trump’ Founder: We ‘Will Form a Wall of Meat’ to Protect Trump Inauguration Against Protesters

Saturday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends Weekend,” Chris Cox, the founder of the group “Bikers for Trump,” spoke of his group’s plans for inauguration Friday.

Cox first explained how the group was formed, but then announced it was the group’s intention to form “a wall of meat” to protect the Trump inauguration ceremony from protesters.

“Well, Bikers for Trump started as a result of the outspoken nature of Donald Trump and the bikers frustration with the direction this country was going,” Cox said. “So we were laughed at at first. We had our first rally in Virginia Beach, VA back in October of ’15. And we had about a hundred guys show up. And since then, we’ve grown to about 200,000 strong. We have 20,000 members just last week. So we’re a force to be dealt with. We’re a political phenomenon. We are in no way, shape, or form vigilantes. We will have a presence during the inauguration. We have full confidence in the Metropolitan Police Department, and the Capitol Police. We believe they learned from mistakes made in Chicago and Arizona. And we have the utmost confidence in them. But in the event that we are needed, we certainly will form a wall of meat.”

Cox went on to explain what he meant by a “wall of meat.”

“Well, we’ll be shoulder-to-shoulder with our brothers, and we’ll be toe-to-toe with anyone that is going to breakthroughany police barriers that’s going to be assaulting women, spitting on them, throwing things at them. And we are anticipating a peaceful transition of power,” he explained. “We have up most support with the police. We are here to support Donald Trump. We have been involved in this campaign for the soul purpose of seeing Donald Trump elected president. And we couldn’t be happier. We have guys coming in right now driving across Texas, Arizona. Guys left San Diego two days ago. Large groups coming in from Florida, Pennsylvania. Have busloads coming in — Ohio, New York, you name it — we’ve got bikers in town.”

(h/t The Hill)

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