Bloomberg’s Heilemann Likens Trump Anti-Media Rhetoric to ‘Incitement’ of the Oklahoma City Bombing

Monday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Bloomberg Politics’ John Heilemann warned against President Donald Trump’s anti-press attacks, which he compared to what may have incited the 1995 Oklahoma City bombing.

Partial transcript as follows:

Look, he has been waging war on the press for a while but I have to say this language is really, you know, far outside — it’s not like Nixon, you said it before. Enemy of the people is pretty far outside of what is the standard Republican playbook of attacking like Nick Confessore of The New York Times and other places.

And, you know, there’s — administrations always take offense when they are criticized and challenged. But I think part of what you are seeing is bipartisan. And even inside the Trump administration itself it seems kind of beyond the pale

Joe [Scarborough], my question for you is — I think most of the people at this table were alive, politically conscious, at the time of the Oklahoma City bombings. And every time that Donald Trump uses this kind of language I kind of worry that it’s an incitement to elements in our country that may go ahead and do something when the president of the United States calls the press the enemy of the people and they might take that seriously. Does that concern you?

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