Limbaugh: I Hope Trump Has ICE Agents Waiting for Illegal Aliens in Attendance at Congressional Address

Tuesday on his radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh previewed President Donald Trump’s address to a joint session of Congress scheduled for later in the evening.

Limbaugh noted that both Republican and Democratic lawmakers plan to have special guests in attendance for the address. However, Democrats are inviting immigrants that are in the country illegally, to which Limbaugh suggested Trump should have ICE agents there waiting for them.

“Many Democratic lawmakers have announced that they are inviting refugees and illegal immigrants to Trump’s speech to protest his strict border enforcement measures,” Limbaugh said.  “So the Democrats are gonna have actual felons and misdemeanor-ers in the House Gallery. Is this not amazing that the Democrats are inviting refugees and illegal immigrants in an attempt to embarrass Trump? Can you believe this? You want to talk about a people out of touch? I hope Trump hears about this and has ICE agents waiting right outside the chamber door. Yeah, you can quote me. We love to have fun here.”

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