Univision’s Ramos: The ‘Trump Effect’ Is Scaring Illegal Immigrants Away from Entering the US

Thursday, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos said on CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” that the “Trump effect” is causing a “fear stronger than any wall” that is keeping illegal immigrants from coming into the United States.

Partial transcript as follows:

COOPER: Jorge, the massive drop in border apprehensions last month, the customs border protections says 40 percent, it’s down 40 percent, people trying to cross illegally. What do you make of that? Is it possible that the tough talk on illegal immigration by President Trump is working, that he deserves credit for that drop?”

RAMOS: Let me just say that fear is stronger than any wall. What we are seeing right now is the ‘Trump effect.’”

These people calling their relatives and their friends, saying, “Don’t come here, this is not the right moment.” So I think it is possible. Really no one wants illegal immigration, not even undocumented immigrants. It is very risky for them. It is better to do it in a legal way.

And the other positive thing is that, I think, many Americans, many people who voted for Donald Trump, they really have to understand that there’s no invasion. No one is invading the United States. Mexicans aren’t invading the United States. The undocumented population has remained stable at about 11 million for the last decade. So those are the positive things.

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