Maher: GOP Told Jimmy Kimmel’s Baby, ‘Go Screw Yourself’ – ‘Look at All These White A**holes’

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated that, by passing the AHCA, Republicans “told Jimmy Kimmel’s baby, go screw yourself.”

Maher said, “[N]ever underestimate these bastards. We thought we had them a couple months ago, health care came up in the House, didn’t pass, oh, these f*ck ups. Nope, they did it. They did it the other day. They told Jimmy Kimmel’s baby, go screw yourself.”

He added, “They passed a thing that basically lets the states be the bad guys and deny coverage of people with pre-existing conditions. This is what got, by the way, the moderate Republicans on board, the moderate Republicans. These are people who are like, you know, I dabble in killing people. I wouldn’t call myself a murderer, but I –.”

Maher concluded, “And then, the nerve of them, after they did this, after they kicked 24 million people, or more, off health care, they threw a big party, in the Rose Garden to celebrate it. There they are. Look at them, high-fiving each other and congratulating him. Look at all these white a**holes. … Trump got carried away and grabbed a pussy, [House Speaker Representative] Paul Ryan (R-WI).”

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