CNN’s Zakaria: Trump’s ‘Erratic’ ‘Cheap Shot’ Foreign Policy ‘Damaging’ America

Sunday on CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS,” host Fareed Zakaria said President Donald Trump’s “erratic foreign policy” was “damaging” to America.

Zakaria said, “But first here’s my take. There has been much focus onDonaldd Trump’s erratic foreign policy. The out landish positions, the many flip-flops, the outright mistakes, but far more damaging in the long run might be what some have termed the Trump effect. The impact of Donald Trump on the domestic politics of other countries. That effect appears to be powerful, negative, and enduring. It could undermine decades of American foreign policy successes.

He added, “In foreign policy, great statesmen always keep in mind one crucial reality, every country has its own domestic politics. crude rhetoric, outlandish demands, poorly thought through policies, cheap shots, all place foreign leaders in a box. They cannot be perceived as surrendering to America and certainly not to an America led by someone who insists on showing that for America to win others must lose. That’s one big difference among many between doing a real estate deal and managing foreign policy.”

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