Prager: ‘100 Percent Lie’ That Trump Election Unleashed Anti-Semitism, Racism

Thursday on “CNN Tonight,” Salem Radio Network talk show host Dennis Prager dismissed the notion that the election of President Donald Trump last year “unleashed” a wave of anti-Semitism and racism.

“The larger question since there are so few conservative media compared to the mainstream media, which is on the left, is that doing a fair job,” Prager said. “And I see this as simply another series of hysterias that the left has created. I don’t know, Don, how much you covered it but I recall you did cover. I just don’t know how much. And that is the, for example, the massive amount of anti-Semitism and racism that the Trump election unleashed. That was all a lie. Pure lie — 100 percent lie.”

Despite being interrupted by former Republican strategist Tara Setmayer, Prager went on to double down on his.

“I have a 35-year record in the media,” he replied. “I have never been once attacked for saying a falsehood. So, I don’t know what your record is. That’s mine. So let me repeat — it was a 100 percent lie that his election unleashed anti-Semitism.”

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