Ken Starr: Jeff Sessions ‘Acquitted Himself Beautifully’

Tuesday on Fox News Channel’s “The Story,” former Solicitor General and former Whitewater independent counsel prosecutor Ken Starr praised Attorney General Jeff Sessions for his performance before the Senate Intelligence Committee earlier in the day.

Starr said Sessions had “acquitted himself beautifully,” but added he had problems with the way former FBI Director James Comey had conducted himself, which Comey had revealed before the same committee a week earlier.

“A lot of what director Comey suggested, if I may say so, was innuendo,” Starr said. “But we’ve now seen a very honorable person defend himself, and I thought he acquitted himself beautifully. I thought it was very, very plausible. And I have stated previously that I have serious problems with the way Director Comey conducted himself. And those were really explored again today by virtue of the senators going through meticulously the [Deputy Attorney General Rod] Rosenstein memorandum, which enumerated the various areas in which the director really violated perhaps law, but he certainly violated policy time and time again.”

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