Mark Steyn on Russia Election Interference: ‘Deep State Dinner Theater That Means Absolutely Nothing’

Wednesday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn reacted to the results of the special election held a night earlier to decide who would fill the vacancy of Georgia’s 6th congressional district seat.

Jon Ossoff, the Democratic candidate, lost to Republican Karen Handel despite having a decided fundraising advantage. According to Steyn, the “basic reason” was the flawed Democratic strategy of making President Donald Trump out to be a “Russian agent,” which he argued didn’t meet the “fairness test.”

“I think the basic reason is that everybody understands that what the Democrats have been doing for the last six months doesn’t meet the fairness test,” Steyn said. “The guy won the election fair and square. And to make him a Russian agent, to make him a candidate for impeachment, to put him under investigation for obstruction of justice from day one, or in fact from November 9 just hasn’t been fair.”

Steyn described the Russian agent tactic as “deep state dinner theater” that Democrats are invested in and won’t give up on promoting.

“It’s all nonsense,” he continued. “Everybody knows that Russia is just deep state dinner theater that means absolutely nothing to anyone with a life. That’s what it is — it’s not even good.”

“What I mean is it’s not even good theater,” Steyn added. “It’s not at the Broadway level. It’s like some lame-o pilot that they’re invested in and they won’t give up on, and it’s going nowhere.”

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