Ray Lewis: Kaepernick Needs to Choose Between Being in the NFL and Being an Activist

Former NFL star linebacker Ray Lewis said Wednesday on Fox Sports 1’s “Speak for Yourself” that quarterback Colin Kaepernick needs to make up his mind and choose between the NFL and being an activist.

“I love his heart. I love what he’s standing for. These people, when you put on that uniform, that uniform is for one thing, E.D. It’s to go out and win football games. And they don’t care about [anything] else. So you’ve got to ask yourself, if you’re a [general manager], if you’re a head coach, do you want that in your locker room knowing that when you go out on gameday, the most important thing is to get your team together to say, ‘How do we win?'” Lewis stated.

“He has to make up his mind,” Lewis added. “Do you want to play football or be an activist?”

Lewis then said Kaepernick’s “fight” right now is not to battle injustices, but rather to respect the NFL and its brand.

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