GOP Sen Flake: Being Conservative ‘Can’t Be to Embrace Conspiracy Theories,’ ‘Talk About Alternative Facts’

Tuesday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” Sen. Jeff Flake (R-AZ) took a jab at Republicans that identify with President Donald Trump, comparing them the “John Birchers” that 1964 GOP presidential nominee Barry Goldwater was credited with expelling from the party.

Flake deemed that being conservative does not allow for the embrace of “conspiracy theories” or “alternatives facts.”

“This is a very good point,” Flake said. “Conservatives are nothing if they’re not concerned about the debt and the deficit. Limited government is kind of the organizing principle around conservatism. You mentioned that and Mike mentioned at the time that Bill Buckley got together with Barry Goldwater and kind of ex-communicated the John Birchers from the Party. That was because they were called the, I think the words that Goldwater used were ‘the emblem of irresponsibility.’ And I think to be conservative can’t be to embrace conspiracy theories or to talk about alternative facts. There are truths that are self-evident. And we have to as a country agree on certain things. If we don’t we’re going to have a hard time moving ahead and solving the problems. That we need.”

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