Mark Steyn: The Left Is Making an Organized Attempt to Say If You Don’t Vote Democrat, You’re a Nazi

Sunday on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends Weekend,” conservative commentator Mark Steyn argued the actual goal of some of those among counter-protesters at events held to promote free speech or the preservation of some historical monuments wasn’t against the real focus of those events.

Instead, he said it was to label those that don’t vote Democrat or that voted for Trump as “Nazi.”

“I would rather we had more speech and fewer protests because I think the less speech you have, the more violence you have,” he said. “And it would be a lot better if actually, we had more people having more vigorous debates rather than toppling statues in the street. And my worry about this is that actually, the left is making an organized attempt to say that if you do not vote Democrat, that you’re a Nazi. That’s the point of it.”

“It is dangerous — as you were talking about earlier, it is an explicit thing to actually tie policy differences on rather boring things like taxes and immigration to the most crude form of demagoguery,” Steyn added. “That’s what we’ve seen this last week. They don’t actually care what Trump thinks about some statue. They don’t think about whether there’s any actual real connection between guys calling for Jews to be in ovens and Trump. They want to say, ‘If you vote for Trump, you’re a Nazi. So we can’t talk with you. All we can do is smash up your rally.”

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