Watch: Breitbart’s Pollak Lays Out ‘Deal-Breakers’ for Trump’s Base on DACA Deal

In an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday, Breitbart News senior editor at large Joel B. Pollak told network host Ali Velshi that there were “three deal-breakers” for Trump supporters on any DACA deal.

“There are three deal-breakers for Trump’s base,” Pollak said. “Citizenship is a deal-breaker. Two other points: the border wall has to be in the deal, and it has to come before any kind of legal status for DACA recipients. We cannot get that sequence wrong. Republicans did not reject the ‘Gang of Eight’ bill only to have President Trump pass what President Obama couldn’t do.”

He said that passing DACA before funding the wall would be like “Lucy pulling the football away” from Charlie Brown.

Pollak also said that Trump supporters might be willing to accept a deal on DACA, but added, “It would have to be in exchange for a border wall, for e-Verify … and for the RAISE Act.”

Asked whether Trump’s stance on DACA would result in criticism of the president from Breitbart News, Pollak pointed out that the reaction would be seen in political races such as the runoff for U.S. Senate in Alabama, where Trump-endorsed establishment candidate Luther Strange is losing to challenger Roy Moore in the Republican primary runoff.

Pollak added, “You could see the emergence of a primary candidate from the right challenging Donald Trump.”

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