Maine Gov LePage to Susan Collins on Health Care: ‘Start Paying Attention to Maine People’

Monday on “The Laura Ingraham Show,” Maine Governor Paul LePage discussed Sen. Susan Collins (R-ME) position that it would be “very difficult” to vote for the Senate Republican’s latest attempt to repeal and replace Obamacare, the Graham-Cassidy Bill.

LePage called on Collins to “start paying attention to Maine people.”

LePage said, “She needs to be voting for this because she shouldn’t be on a national level, she should be looking after Maine people.”

On Collins’ concerns for pre-existing conditions, he continued, “Pre-existing conditions are part of state law. They are part of the federal program. So I really don’t understand where the Senator is coming from. She should start paying attention to Maine people.”

On Maine’s high-risk pools he added, “We were leading the country back in 2011 on lowering premiums. We had a good program. This is what is so disheartening with Senator Susan Collins, we had the program that could help America, and she is just so concerned with family planning she can’t see beyond it.”

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