Dem Rep Speier: Congressional Moments of Silence for Shootings ‘Hypocritical’ and ‘Only for the Headlines’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” Representative Jackie Speier (D-CA), who was shot during the Port Kaituma airstrip shootings in Guyana, explained her decision to boycott the moment of silence on Capitol Hill for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting by saying that such moments are “hypocritical” and only for headlines because Congress never does anything.

Speier said, “I haven’t attended a moment of silence for a number of years. Because I think it’s so hypocritical. That’s all we do. we have a moment of silence, and then we are silent. There is no action. I spoke for five minutes on the floor about the horrendous events in Las Vegas, and all the horrendous events that have happened before, whether it was Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, I mean, it just goes on and on. We never do anything about it. So, these moments of silence are really only for the headlines, and I’m tired of the hypocrisy.”

(h/t Mediaite)

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