Steve Wynn: No Guns Allowed in His Hotel and Casino, ‘Unless They’re Being Carried By Our Employees’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” hotel and casino mogul Steve Wynn said at Wynn Resorts they did not allow guns in his building “unless they’re being carried by our employees.”

Partial transcript as follows:

WALLACE: And without going into great detail, what kind of things do you have on your facilities?

WYNN: Basically we had to recruit and expand security by tens of millions of dollars to cover every entrance, to retrain the entire workforce, from housekeeping and room service, and people are in the tower and observing people. We had to cover every exit and every aspect of the building to see if we could identify and preempt any kind of terroristic or violent action. It is never perfect, of course, but what you can do to use local vernacular, you can change the odds, I guess.

WALLACE: So, given all of that, and I know that you had a hidden metal detectors and you had profilers in your casinos, watching the people walking in and out, would any of those measures have prevented Steven Paddock from checking in to one of your hotels instead of the Mandalay Bay to have brought in these suitcases carrying his arsenal, a couple of suitcases at that time, checking in to a room on a high floor, knocking out the window and raining terror down on people below.

WYNN: Well, I know that my friends at MGM are particularly fastidious about trying to protect their employees and their guests. Having said that, there are a couple of things in retrospect, and it’s always good to look over your shoulder on these things. But we have a routine with housekeeping, with room service, with audiovisual, who anybody that goes in the room to do an inspection.

We also have rules about do not disturb. If a room goes on do not disturb for more than 12 hours, we investigate. We constantly — we don’t allow guns in this building unless they’re being carried by our employees and there’s a lot of them. But if anybody’s got a gun and we find them continually, we eject them from the hotel.

WALLACE: So, if he had suitcases carrying these automatic – or semi-automatic weapons, would you have been able to spot that if they were in the suitcases being carried up to his room?

WYNN: We certainly wouldn’t invade the privacy of a guest in a room. But let’s put it this way, the scenario that we’re aware of would have indicated that he didn’t let anyone in the room for two or three days, that would have triggered a whole bunch of alarms here. And we would have — on behalf of the guests, of course, investigated for safety and it would have been a provocative situation. I’m sure that the same is true in other hotels but in this hotel, a 36-hour, a 24-hour, 36-hour Do Not Disturb on a room is a predicate for an investigation.

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