Israeli Ambassador: Whether Iran Is Complying With Nuclear Deal Is ‘Not Relevant’ – Danger Is Them Getting Nuke by Complying

On Monday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” Israeli Ambassador to the US Ron Dermer argued that whether Iran is complying with the nuclear deal isn’t relevant because the real danger is Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon by complying with the deal.

Dermer said, “I don’t think people understand exactly what the nuclear did — nuclear deal did. What it was, and what it did, essentially, is put everyone on cruise control towards a cliff. Because in a few years, as you know, all of these restrictions that are put in place will sunset. They will be removed in a few years, and Iran will not have to sneak in or break into the nuclear club. They can simply walk into the nuclear club. And most of the conversation over the last three or four days has been, is Iran complying with the deal or not? It’s not the relevant question. That’s like saying, ‘Are we still on cruise control or not?’ The question is, are we going off a cliff? And the answer is yes. And the president took a very, very important step to say he’s not prepared to go off a cliff.”

He later added, “I think the question of complying or not complying with the deal is not relevant. It’s not a relevant question. Because the great danger of this deal, and this is what the prime minister of Israel said two years ago in his speech to Congress, you can play the tape. He said the greater danger is not that Iran is going to get to a bomb by violating the deal. The greater danger is that Iran will get to the bomb by keeping the deal.”

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