Fmr Sanders Campaign Manager: DNC Engaged in ‘Egregious’ Interference In Primary, Brazile Has Courage and Character

On Thursday’s broadcast of “CNN Newsroom,” former Sanders Campaign Manager Jeff Weaver said that the DNC interfered in the primary process “time after time” and praised the courage and character of former DNC Interim Chair Donna Brazile for her revelations about the DNC’s conduct in the primaries.

Weaver said it was “quite courageous on Donna Brazile’s part to bring these revelations to the public. I’m sure she has fallen off the Christmas card list of a number of people. but she is a courageous woman, and I do know there were some — obviously a flap during the campaign regarding the debates and what have you. But I’m going to tell you this, that when Donna Brazile took over as interim chair at the DNC, she really did try to clean house there. She really did try to make it the type of party structure that all of us can be proud of. And I have to say that the revelations that she released today, I think demonstrate the strength of her character and her willingness to go against the status quo to make the party ultimately stronger.”

He added that there’s no way to know if the DNC cost Sanders the nomination, but “there was time after time when the DNC interfered in the process. The debate schedule was rigged, the number of debates and when they were, that was certainly rigged. these joint fundraising agreements were improper and really looted the DNC and state parties of funding. You’ll remember in the clip you just showed when the chair of the DNC stripped us of the data that we had collected from our — with our own volunteers and for which would we had paid the DNC $250,000.You’ll remember the false charges that came out of the Nevada Convention, where the DNC chair was talking about chairs being thrown, when of course no chairs were being thrown. So, you had this pattern over and over and over again, and then the revelation that DNC top staff conspired to attack Senator Sanders on his religion, which is something that’s a disgusting thing that should never happen in the Democratic Party.”

Weaver further stated that if Sanders had won the Democratic nomination, “there is no doubt that he would have defeated Donald Trump.”

Later on, Weaver characterized the DNC’s conduct as “egregious, undemocratic, and it can’t be allowed to happen again.”

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