Michael Savage on His Book, ‘God, Faith, And Reason’: God Is Invisible So We Don’t Tire of Him

On his “The Savage Nation,” radio show, host Michael Savage discussed his new book, “God, Faith, And Reason,” in which he discovered “the search to find God is the finding itself.”

Savage said, “The search to find God is the finding itself. The reason that in my faith God is invisible, I figured out, is because if we saw him — if we actually saw God, we would do what we do with an old movie. We would go on to the next image we are looking for, and so God was so smart he knew that man would dismiss him if he could be seen.”

He continued, “In other words if God had manifested himself and we could see him on a daily basis we would grow tired of him like yesterday’s newspaper. We would dismiss God like a movie we saw. ‘Yeah, yeah, I saw that movie. It was pretty good, but what’s coming up this Saturday?’ we would say. But now because we can’t see him, and we never have seen him directly, that is, we keep looking for him and that’s how he set it up.”

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