Michael Savage

In this Dec. 3, 2007 file photo, radio talk show host Michael Savage poses with his dog Teddy in Tiburon, Calif. Savage won a legal battle Thursday Sept. 27, 2012 and announced he was leaving Talk Radio Network, which broadcast his show that attracted more than 8 million listeners a …

SAVAGE: How To Save Trump Presidency

Legendary conservative radio talk-show host Michael Savage offers some insight into how President Donald Trump has done in his first 100-plus days and what he needs to do to “save” his presidency.


Michael Savage: Syria Is a No-Win Situation for America

Michael Savage spoke out forcefully against intervention in Syria and aggression towards Russia during both Thursday’s and Friday’s monologue segments of the Michael Savage Show. Savage asked Thursday, “who got to you, Mr. President? Who is whispering in your ear and could have made you make this dramatic of a change towards Russia in just three days?” On Friday he condemned the strikes, saying “we just helped ISIS.”


Review: Michael Savage Outlines His Strategic Plan for Victory in ‘Trump’s War’

It would have been easy for Michael Savage to write a book about the election of Donald Trump that boils down to “I told you so.” After all, Savage was one of Trump’s earliest supporters. But instead of taking the easy route, Savage has written Trump’s War: His Battle for America, a comprehensive battle plan for the Trump administration ranging from his familiar topics of “borders, language, and culture,” to economics and the deep state.

Aaron Klein

Breitbart’s Aaron Klein Ranked Among Top 50 Radio Hosts on the Internet

“Aaron Klein Investigative Radio,” the popular Sunday night talk radio show, has been ranked among the 50 most-listened-to talk radio shows via Internet streaming. The program is hosted by Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter Aaron Klein. Klein made the


Michael Savage: Trump ‘Needed Palin Like a Hole in the Head’

Tuesday on his radio show, talk show host Michael Savage reacted to the news that former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) would be endorsing Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump at a rally in Ames, IA. Savage was not complimentary of Trump