Fmr WH Deputy CoS Katie Walsh: Roy Moore’s Vote Needed for Tax Reform, Alabama Voters Should Decide Fate

Monday on Fox News Radio’s “Brian Kilmeade Show,” former White House deputy chief of staff Katie Walsh reacted to comments from White House aide Kellyanne Conway earlier in the day warning voters about the liberal positions of Democrat U.S. Senate hopeful Doug Jones.

Jones is running against Republican Roy Moore in next month’s special election to fill the seat formerly held by Jeff Sessions.

Walsh acknowledged the Trump White House was in a difficult position and that if the allegations against Moore of inappropriate behavior or sexual misconduct from decades ago are true, it should result in him stepping aside. However, she also said his vote was essential, and ultimately a judgment should be made by Alabama voters.

“Look, I think it’s a really tough position,” Walsh said. “You know, the allegations against Judge Moore are deeply troubling, and I believe that he should step aside if there’s any truth to them at all. But the reality is Kellyanne is right – we need the votes to pass tax reform. And so, where the president is on this, I believe, and Sarah Sanders has been vocal on this – is it is up to the people of Alabama. And, I think they’ll make their decision in a couple of weeks here.”

Walsh likened the White House’s current position to the role the Republican National Committee played during the presidential primary, which was not to interfere in the process.

“You know, I do want to reiterate I think the allegations are troubling and my personal position on this is I think Roy Moore should step aside if there’s anything truth to them,” she added. “Having said, just like – Brian, you mentioned you met me when I was at the Republican National Committee – we took the position during the primary that the voters should decide. You know, the RNC didn’t get involved in the presidential primary for any reason, whether it be policy, whether it be accusations that came about. Ultimately, the voters of the great state of Alabama should decide who they want representing them, and at this point, I think that’s where the president is, and I think that’s where you’ll see the White House remain.”

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