Tebow on Football Career: People ‘Were Telling Me Where to Shove My Bible’

Tim Tebow said he had some of the “most horrific things” directed his way during his football career.

Friday while discussing Oklahoma Sooners quarterback and current Heisman favorite Baker Mayfield’s crotch grab last weekend while playing the Kansas Jayhawks, the 2007 Heisman winner said on ESPN’s “First Take” that people used his religion as part of the smack talk.

Despite that, Tebow warned players like Mayfield that you “can’t dip down to their level.”

Partial transcript as follows:

In my time of playing high school, college and pro I had people say the most horrific things to me: say exactly what they are going to do to my sisters and mom, they’re telling me where to shove my Bible, they’re spitting in my face, they’re giving cheap shots, all these different things to me, and so I know what it’s like to have people take cheap shots and say things to you, but you also got to know at that moment that you’re winning, that you’re under their skin, so you can’t dip down to their level because you are already dominating them. They’re saying that because they’re already intimidated, they’re disappointed, they’re upset because they want something that you have.

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