Breitbart’s Pollak: ‘Immigration Is a Proxy War Between the Establishment and the Insurgent Grassroots’

Thursday on MSNBC, Breitbart News senior editor at large Joel Pollak said the “fight” over immigration was “a proxy war between the establishment and the insurgent grassroots.”

When asked about voters caring about basic economic matters the most, Pollak said, “That’s 100 percent correct, and I think one of the reasons that Doug Jones won, aside from having all the money that he had from outside groups and the backing of both Democrats and Republicans in the establishment, is that he worked harder and talked about issues people cared about, whereas Roy Moore had to talk about the scandal all the time.”

“And that funding of CHIP is the number one issue, according to an opinion poll conducted by Harvard last week,” he continued. “That is the number one issue by voters. DACA is only number 12. Republicans have to get back on track. And immigration is a huge issue in these Republican primaries. You can almost say that the fight over immigration is a proxy war between the establishment and the insurgent grassroots. When candidates talk about immigration, talk about building the wall, securing the border, they do well. When they talk about other things, they don’t.”

He added, “It doesn’t rank very high among Americans overall, but for Trump supporters, it’s probably the number one or number two issue And when Republicans take a stand against illegal immigration and take a stand for the wall, they do very well in these primaries, and they connect to the broader electorate. Where immigration is absent from the debate, Republicans do poorly. Immigration is for Republicans what health care and C.H.I.P. is for Democrats.”

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