CNN’s Tapper to Doug Jones on Claims He May Sometimes Vote With GOP: ‘You Seem Like a Democrat’


Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union,” host Jake Tapper challenged Sen.-elect Doug Jones (D-AL) when he said he would sometimes vote with Republicans.

Partial Transcript as Follows:

TAPPER: In order to truly represent your constituency do you need to consider voting with Republicans on some issues?

JONES: Of course I do. look, Jake, one of the problems in American politics right now in my opinion is that everybody thinks because you’re a member of one party or another you’re going to vote a certain way. That should not be the case. It shouldn’t ever be the case. I’m going to talk to people on both sides of the aisle, try to figure out what I think is in the best interests of my state and in the country. Now, don’t expect me to vote solidly for Republicans or Democrats. I came up with Senator Howell Heflin from Alabama many years ago. He always said to do the things he does he does what’s best for his constituents. I don’t think anybody should count on my vote for everything. i’m going to study all sides.

TAPPER: Is there a position you think you might vote for the Republicans? Just looking at your position papers, you seem like a Democrat. I don’t see any areas where you might vote with the Republicans.

JONES: Sure. I think you’re going to see an infrastructure bill coming up next year. That’s going to be, I think, very important to the people of the state of Alabama. I’m going to try to look at that. I think there is any number of things that you can do. But, you know, these big issues, the problem we’ve got right now is we’re looking at these giant issues, a 500-page tax bill that just landed on somebody’s desk the other day that nobody really knows all that’s in there. The health care bills were the same way. I think there is any number of issues that come up on a daily basis or a weekly basis that we can find common ground on. But that’s the main thing, is that a bill or an issue may start out one way, but trying to work with both sides, with both parties, I think is going to be the way to go to try to get things done.

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