ESPN’s Foxworth: Terrell Owens’ Kaepernick Comparison ‘Uncomfortable

Filling in as a guest on ESPN’s “First Take” on Tuesday, Domonique Foxworth described former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens’ comparison of himself to Colin Kaepernick in why he is jobless in the league as “uncomfortable.”

While Foxworth agreed that the outspoken Owens was blackballed out of the league for his antics, he argued Kaepernick’s blackballing was because he “sacrificed for something much bigger.”

“I would not say that the league colluded to keep [Owens] out of the league,” Foxworth told co-host Will Cain. “I would say they blackballed him by no one wanting him in the league and by general managers talking bad about him behind his back and also the media framing issues a certain way.”

He continued, “This is where the Kaepernick comparison comes in. It’s uncomfortable because I think Kaepernick sacrificed for something much bigger. It’s uncomfortable to make those comparisons to say that T.O. is anything like Kaepernick. However, it’s true that they’re both at the peaks of their career were good enough to play but weren’t getting chances because teams did not want them in the locker room.”

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