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Terrell Owens

ESPN’s Foxworth: Terrell Owens’ Kaepernick Comparison ‘Uncomfortable

Filling in as a guest on ESPN’s “First Take” on Tuesday, Domonique Foxworth described former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens’ comparison of himself to Colin Kaepernick in why he is jobless in the league as “uncomfortable.” While Foxworth agreed that the outspoken


Shannon Sharpe: Tear Down Hall of Fame if Terrell Owens Not Inducted

One of football’s most troubled players is on the sidelines and without a team, but despite his troubled history former Bengals wide receiver Terrell Williams should qualify for induction into the Hall of Fame. In fact, one player says that the Hall of Fame should be shut down if Owens doesn’t make it in.

Terrell Owens AP