Brooks: GOP Distrust in Media Is ‘Partly Shame on Donald Trump’

On Friday’s “PBS NewsHour,” New York Times columnist David Brooks argued Republican distrust in the media is “partly shame on Donald Trump.”

After stating that the loss of trust in the media is “partly shame on us” in the media for not hiring Republicans, Brooks added, “but it’s partly shame on Donald Trump.”

He continued, “It’s very easy for political leaders to take nascent suspicions and exploit them into tribal conflicts. We see this around the world, where politicians — people are living together in a place like Nairobi, a lot of different tribes living in the same place. They don’t have violence most of the time. But when the electoral campaigns happen, the politicians come in and incite the violence, and it’s like setting off a spark. And Donald Trump is a genius at setting off these kind of sparks. And opposition to the media has replaced opposition to the Soviet Union in the Republican gospel.”

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