Limbaugh: NRA Boycott ‘Nothing More Than Therapy for Deranged Left-Wingers to Assuage Their Anger’

Tuesday on his nationally syndicated radio show, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh accused the left of overplaying its hand on the Parkland, FL school shooting with gun control and attacks on the National Rifle Association.

According to Limbaugh, the so-called boycott aimed at the NRA was “nothing more than therapy for deranged left-wingers” and insisted it was being used to take positive economic news off the front pages.

Partial transcript as follows:

More and more people are learning now, more and more people are seeing firsthand exactly what the Democrat Party and the American left-wing and media agenda is, and it isn’t to stop school shootings. It’s to win elections. It’s to rid America of any opposition to the left, to the Democrat Party, to the media. It is becoming fairly safe to conclude that this event need not have happened. There were ample warnings, there was ample time, there were ample means to shut this down.

But now we’ve learned that even after it began, there were no serious efforts made to stop it. Not immediately. And during all of this, an organization which had nothing to do with it becomes the focus of an irrational and uncontrolled rage and hatred. And it is now the instrument of another trumped-up, left-wing boycott that is nothing more than therapy for deranged left-wingers to assuage their anger or utilize it or what have you in service to their political agenda.

Now, one thing that this is doing, if you will permit me to be a bit… I wouldn’t call this callous, but I’m just gonna observe something. Every moment spent on this incident is another moment avoiding the great improvements in the U.S. economy, the rising public opinion on the tax cuts. The Washington Post… I kid you not. The Washington Post has a story in which they seem genuinely puzzled that the American people are happy with more money in their paychecks every pay period.

I’m not kidding you. When I first saw it, I characterized that… I said, “This can’t be. We can’t be this off the rails on the left.” But, lo and behold, if you read the Washington Post piece, you can detect that they’re puzzled that people are happy with the tax cut. They’re puzzled by it. They’re puzzled why more money is the paycheck every week matters that much, because poll numbers are skyrocketing on the tax cut. Trump’s approval numbers are holding steady now, the second poll in a row at 50%.

This episode at the high school is granting the Drive-Bys and others every opportunity to avoid the continued reporting on all of the good things that are happening in the country. Businesses are doing well. Small businesspeople report that they are optimistic. People who are not even political are noticing the increase in their paychecks. Some of them are quite significant. A lot of people are getting a lot of raises. A lot of people are getting bonuses.

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