Barkley: ‘I Hate When White People Get on Television and Talk About Getting a Free Education Is Not a Big Deal’

In a Thursday interview on NBC Sports radio’s “The Dan Patrick Show,” NBA Hall of Fame’s Charles Barkley doubled down on the importance of the NCAA providing free education, saying he hates when white people act like getting a free education is not a big deal and demand that the athletes get paid.

Barkley admitted the NCAA is “not perfect,” but said that getting a free education is “really big deal” to the majority of college athletes because they do not go on to play professionally.

“I hate when white people get on television and talk about getting a free education is not a big deal,” Barkley told host Dan Patrick. “Getting a free education is a really big deal because I’ve got regular friends who are still in debt from going to college.”

“Most people actually have to get that education to make it through life.”

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