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dale jr

Dale Jr: ‘If I Wasn’t Racing, I’d Be a Mechanic’

Racing legend Dale Earnhardt Jr. said if he had not followed in the footsteps of his father, he would be a mechanic. The retired NASCAR driver-turned NBC analyst explained on AT&T AUDIENCE Network’s “The Dan Patrick Show” that he worked on

james white

Patriots RB James White Reveals Game-Winning Football Is Missing

In an interview Tuesday on NBC Sports’ “The Dan Patrick Show,” New England Patriots running back James White revealed he did not know where the game-winning touchdown ball went after he scored in overtime of Super Bowl LI. “I actually


Brent Musburger: Olbermann Should Stick to Sports

During the Thursday edition of “The Dan Patrick Show” on NBC Sports, retiring ESPN broadcaster Brent Musburger blasted former ESPN host and now GQ host Keith Olbermann over calling for President Donald Trump to resign. Musburger said Olbermann, who used to work

Tom Brady

Tom Brady, World Class Beer Chugger? Apparently, Yes

It turns out that beating your favorite team, unless you’re a Patriots fan, is not Tom Brady’s only talent. Apparently, Brady’s championship prowess can also be seen at the bar.

larry david

Larry David: I Could Be an NFL Offensive Coordinator

During Monday’s “Dan Patrick Show,” comedian Larry David told guest host Charissa Thompson that with just a season of shadowing an offensive coordinator, he could become a one himself. “I’m not joking,” David said. “I’m positive I could be an offensive coordinator.


Kasich: Monday After the Super Bowl Should Be a Holiday

GOP presidential candidate Gov. John Kasich (R-OH) was asked Friday on NBC Sports Radio’s “Dan Patrick Show” if the Monday after the NFL’s Super Bowl should be a holiday. “It should be, there’s no productivity whatsoever,” Kasich responded. “I’m going to


McCain: Best Thing for Me to Do about Trump Is not Pay Attention

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) appeared Friday on “The Dan Patrick Show” on NBC Sports and host Dan Patrick asked him if he would “want a piece” of GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump in his prime. McCain, who was backed by Trump