Kornheiser Decries ‘Overt Discrimination’ Aimed at Outspoken Liberal NFL QB Prospect Josh Rosen

Thursday, ESPN “Pardon the Interruption” co-host Tony Kornheiser reacted to the report that NFL teams are wary of rich prospects like UCLA quarterback Josh Rosen — who could be picked as high as first overall in the upcoming draft.

According to Kornheiser, teams are afraid of Rosen because not only comes from money, but he is brash and perceived to be liberal because he once sported a “F*** Trump” hat while golfing at Trump National Golf Course.

“This is discrimination here,” Kornheiser stated. “Josh Rosen is rich. And he appears to be politically liberal. And because this is my side of the street, I’m going to say he’s half Jewish. Plus, he’s a quarterback. And that is the position in the league that is supposed to be the take charge role. You put that in combination, you scare all the coaches. This stuff scares coaches, because they think we can’t control him. And we want to control him. So I hope that he’s great and I hope that he puts it in their eye for this kind of thing. This is overt discrimination.”

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