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Maher: Liberals Shouldn’t Be ‘Reflexively Hating on’ Trump Meeting with Kim – Trump and Kim ‘Are Mirror Images’


On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher criticized “liberals who are reflexively hating on” President Trump’s announcement he would meet with Kim Jong-un. He stated that they loved the idea when Obama proposed it and that the meeting could work because Kim and Trump “are mirror images.”

Maher said, “I know why I’m happy. Because Kim Jong-un of North Korea yesterday told South Korea that he is willing to meet with the leader of the United States, but Putin wasn’t available, so Trump’s going. Fat man and little boy are going to have a date. It looks like Trump is going to travel to North Korea in May, and of course, there are reasons — a hundred reasons why this is dangerous. We’re talking about, after all, a family that has reneged on every deal they ever signed, and Kim Jong-un can’t be trusted either.”

Maher continued, “I was watching all the cable news last night, and to all these liberals who are reflexively hating on this, A. Obama, remember him? He proposed the exact same thing in 2008 and they loved it. And B. You know, f*ck you. You don’t live on the west coast, where a nuke can get here faster than an Uber from North Korea. I mean, what is this bullshit? ‘No president has ever done this.’ Yeah, and they all failed. So, I’m going to file this one under so crazy it just might work.”

He concluded, “This could be the one thing that Trump, honestly, is uniquely qualified to pull off. Because Kim and him, rocket man and Rainman, are mirror images. In a weird way, they respect and like each other. Trump said he’s a ‘smart cookie.’ They have the same interests: flattery, celebrity, tyranny. They both have daddy issues and overeating issues and problematic family members and inexplicable hair. They both love missile parades and they both lie on their golf scores and one day you see staff members working for them, and the next day they disappear. Who is the one American that Kim likes? Dennis Rodman. Well, Trump is the closest thing we’re going to get to President Dennis Rodman. Another stupid argument I heard on TV last night, ‘Well, we’ll just be giving Kim the respect he and his family have always craved.’ So what? So what if it works?”

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