Jackie Mason: ‘Phony’ Gun Control Activists Are ‘Full of Sh*t’

In these trying times, Jackie Mason is the Voice of Reason.

In this week’s exclusive clip for Breitbart News, Jackie ponders the true motives behind gun control advocacy, and wonders when celebrities and politicians plan on getting rid of all of their armed bodyguards.

“They don’t care about protecting you. The only thing they care about is protecting themselves,” says Jackie. “Did you ever see in your life a celebrity walking around without being protected?”

“Who’s more likely to get killed, a celebrity who’s protected by 35 guards, or you when you go for a walk at night?” Jackie asks. “How come they have guards for them? You know what this guard is carrying? What do you think he’s carrying, a pastrami sandwich? A cookie? He’s carrying a gun. So if a gun is important for him, how come it’s not important for you?”

Jackie also questions the wisdom in raising the minimum age to own a gun to 21, an idea that has been proposed by gun control advocates.

“You think before a guy tries to kill somebody, he says, ‘Let’s see, how old am I? I’m 18? Oh, okay, then I’ll wait a couple years. Maybe at 19 I’ll try to look for a gun but I won’t shoot anybody. Maybe when I’m 20 I’ll think it over. Oh, I’m 21? Good, where can I go kill somebody now?'”

“So what does this tell us? It tells us that every celebrity, every politician, and every preacher about gun control is a phony bastard,” Jackie adds. “There’s nobody lower than these son of a bitches who don’t care about your life, and don’t care if you drop dead by Thursday as long as they’re protected.”

But Jackie’s not quite done there. He says the gun crime rate in strictly gun-controlled Chicago proves that attempting to control criminal behavior with new laws is pointless.

“You’re not allowed to touch a gun, carry a gun, look at a gun, or even find out about a gun. Ten minutes later, they kill everybody,” Jackie says. “The highest percentage of murders in the country is in Chicago. You know what that says? That says if you’re in favor of gun control, you’re full of sh*t.”

Watch Jackie’s latest above.


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