Gohmert on Omnibus: ‘This Is Really Tragic,’ ‘A Rather Dark Day’

On Wednesday’s broadcast of the Fox News Channel’s “Fox News @ Night,” House Freedom Caucus Member Louie Gohmert (R-TX) reacted to the omnibus bill by stating “This is really tragic,” and “This is a rather dark day.”

Gohmert said, “This is really tragic, a massive spending bill. And the truth is, the House did our job. We passed 12 appropriations bills. We had a budget. And the Senate didn’t do their job. It doesn’t appear they’re ever going to until number one, we get rid of the cloture, the 60 vote requirement and go with 51. … President Trump’s been great on that. And then — and by the way, the Constitution only requires a majority. That was a super-imposition by the Senate.”

He added that the House should signal to the Senate that it won’t pass another omnibus or CR.

He further stated that the omnibus is “good for” Democrats, and “They got their priorities in there, and we didn’t.” He also stated he had “a lot more time” to read Obamacare than the current omnibus.

Gohmert concluded, “This is a rather dark day.”

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