Larry King: CNN ‘Is Sorta Liberal’ – Fox ‘Does Not Know Stormy Daniels’ and MSNBC, While I Agree, ‘Still Gets Laboring’

During an interview on the “Adam Carolla Show” posted on Sunday, TV host Larry King characterized CNN as “sorta liberal.” He also stated Fox News “does not know Stormy Daniels.” King also said that while agrees with MSNBC more, “that still gets laboring.”

King began by stating that, “We have a, to put it mildly, a very unusual president. I know him for 40 years and he still boggles my mind.” He further stated there is a “definite split” in the country.

He continued, “So, we know we have — we know MSNBC is liberal. We know Fox is conservative. We know CNN is sorta liberal. We don’t have any kind of shows like I used to do. They don’t exist. It’s all spit it out, get it in, get it on, 24-hour news. Everything is breaking news.”

King added, “Hannity thinks that Hillary Clinton is president. He does not know Stormy Daniels. Fox News does not know Stormy Daniels. They — it’s incredible what they’ve become. And MSNBC, also, while I might agree with them more, that still gets laboring. CNN is all panels.”

He further commented on Anderson Cooper’s interview with Stormy Daniels, stating that networks want an audience. He further said, after Cooper’s interview with Karen McDougal was mentioned, “They’re all — to me, it would be laborious to go through that. But, you notice, if you watch these cable news networks, there are no news. It’s all Trump. … Occasionally, weather will be news if there’s severe storms.”

King also criticized people who “deny climate change” as people who claim to “know more than science” and people who “don’t believe their lying eyes.”

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