Graham: Removing U.S. Troops from Syria ‘Single Worst Decision the President Could Make’

On this weekend’s broadcast of “Fox News Sunday,” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said if President Donald Trump removed U.S. troops from Syria, it would be “a disaster in the making.”

Graham said, “When it comes to Syria do not read the Obama playbook. This is the Obama playbook, 1 foot in, 1 foot out. This is a disaster in the making. All of his military advisors have said we need to leave troops in Syria to work with them, calm down the conflict between Turkey and the Kurdish fighters who have helped make sure that it does not fall back into the hands of  ISIS. There are over 3,000 ISIS fighters still roaming around Syria. We’ve got troops there to protect us and to protect the region. If we withdrew our troops anytime soon ISIS would come back, the war between Turkey and the Kurds would get out of hand, and you would be giving Damascus to the Iranians without an American presence Russia and Iran would dominate Syria.

He added, “It would be the single worst decision the president could make. I’ve seen this movie before when Obama did the same thing in Iraq and quite frankly gave Assad a pass in Syria when he had them on the ropes. We got ISIS on the ropes. You want to let them off the ropes, remove American soldiers.”

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