Schumer to Trump: ‘Don’t Even Think About’ Firing Mueller

Tuesday on the Senate floor, Democratic Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) warned President Donald Trump not to fire special counsel Robert Mueller in response to the FBI raid of the office of Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen.

Schumer said, “Law enforcement officers believe there’s a good chance that the attorney for the president committed a crime or was involved in fraud where they couldn’t have gotten the okay from the magistrate to make these seizures.”

He continued, “If the president is thinking of using this raid to fire special counsel Mueller or otherwise interfere with the chain of command in the Russia probe, we have one simple message for him: Don’t even think about it.”

He added, “Special counsel Mueller has uncovered a deep and detailed pattern of Russian interference in our elections. It has led to several indictments and guilty pleas. It has also led the Trump administration itself to level sanctions against Russian individuals for meddling in our elections. That is proof positive that Mueller’s investigation is not a so-called witch-hunt.”

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