Mark Levin: Mueller’s ‘Purpose Is to Remove the President’

Thursday on Fox News Channel’s “Hannity,” conservative talker Mark Levin explained why special counsel Robert Mueller’s probe is not as it was formally designated, which was to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. Instead, Levin argued it was to remove President Donald Trump from Congress through means other than impeachment.

Levin argued that was the motivation behind Mueller’s effort to get him to appear before a grand jury.

“The attorney general and deputy attorney general really have to answer some fundamental questions about this investigation. Mr. Mueller wants to interview the president, and he wants to interview him under the most onerous circumstance,” Levin said. “What is the purpose of an interview like that based on those 49 general areas? His purpose is to indict the president. Now, what’s the purpose of indicting the president, and to try the president find him guilty? What’s the purpose of the conviction? It’s to remove the president of the United States from office. That’s the bottom line. No president has ever been indicted while in office. Not one. No president has ever been forced before a federal grand jury, not one.”

“No president has ever been removed from office by the United States Senate in a two-thirds vote of the Senate,” he added. “Not one. Mueller’s purpose, his purpose is to remove the president. That means one man, that means one man, one jury would usurp the power — the entire constitutional power of Congress, the power to remove a president.”

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